Benair Air-conditioning Co. LLC has proven to be one of the leading Air-conditioning Contractors in the region since its incorporation for the past 18 years. Our edifice being built upon utmost customer satisfaction, competent performance and reliability has gained us good Reputation in the entire Emirates and KSA within a short span of time. Benair undertakes various contracts for the design, supply and installation of air-conditioning systems for all the commercial, industrial, residential buildings and villas. Fifteen years of our expertise in the air-conditioning contracting field is our core competence which makes us unique and always the first choice among our clients. Benair is proud to have a well-equipped and efficient maintenance team, who are equipped to trouble shoot and preserve any kind of air-conditioning devices. Benair offers 24/7 assistance for any breakdown or cessation so that our clients shall always stay cool. Benair Air-conditioning Company has branches in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and KSA.

At Benair we are fully aware about the global environmental obligations and always strive to give our best to preserve the nature. Reducing the carbon emissions as well as improving the indoor air quality has always been the priority at Benair. Techniques such as efficient air filtration, low floor placing, improved air distribution service, off-peak energy storage, improved efficiency equipment supported by new control and management systems , effective external and internal load reduction and proper maintenance of equipment. Efficiency can be brought about by improving both people and machines.



We strive for

  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • Maintaining the relationship for long time
  • Ensuring environmental friendly practices
  • High concern for safety issues
  • Only deal with reputable suppliers

We shall guide our company to uphold these policies and shall encourage our people to achieve these goals.


Benair has a team of experts who are fervently committed to recognize the needs of our clients and provide them the best results regarding their air-conditioning requirements. Our mission is to offer the efficient and reliable services to our customers. Our dedicated team puts in lot of efforts in order to cater the customers' requirement. Our Strategic objective is to provide customized services to our clients.

Our mission is to ensure maximum customer contentment simultaneously granting the future generation an enhanced abode adhering to the environmental friendly practices.